Kenya Beach Holiday Safari

Kenya Beach Holiday Safari

Experience the best of Kenya Safari combined with beach holiday. With Kenya boasting the best beaches and best dive sites in the world, a beach holiday is the best especially in the month of December.

Dian Beach- South Coast
Diani’s long, open spaces are fringed with lush greenery and host an easy, relaxed vibe. The place is spectacular with everything within reach; the beaches and ocean with whales, sharks, dolphins and more sea creatures.0ther attractions include;
• Funzi Island- inside you find mangrove canals, birding and exploring sand bars
Wasini Island– one sail by dhow to spend day by snorkeling and birding at Kisite Park which is in this Island.
Shimba Hill National Park which is famed for endemic sable antelope, a species that is only found here in the world plus other mammals and birds.
Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary which provides conservation for elephants
Diani Beach which is famous for its powder white beaches and luxury resort. Also there is a whale shark season that takes place in February to March. Whale shark migrate across the ocean to sea further beyond and its an awesome experience to swim with world largest fish.
Kenya ways Kite village –it’s on Galu beach and it’s a paradise for kite surfers.

• Camel ride, Kitesurfing, Snorkeling and sky diving

North Coast
You will be picked daily by our driver guides for exploration of the North Coast beaches which include Nyali and Pirate beaches in Mombasa. There are other attracting sites which includes;
Fort Jesus which is a historical site
Haller park
• Nguuni nature sanctuary
• Mamba village
Mombasa Marine Park.

Then pass by to Mtwapa where the beach is also amazing, as you proceed to Watamu. It was voted the second most beautiful beach in Africa by CNN in 2015.whales and dolphins migrate close to the show. Sport fishing is an awesome activity whereby fish are tagged and released to monitor their movements to other continents, like the Pelagic fish which move from Somali water through Kenya to Seychelles at the end of the year. Other attracting features in Watamu include;
Arabuko-Sokoke forest whereby you will watch endemic golden-rumped elephant shrew and endemic Clarke’s weaver that are only found in the forest plus other mammals
• Watamu Marine Park whereby you watch turtles, coral fish, dolphins and humpback whales. Humpbackwhales arrive from Antarctica from July on wards and leave October which is a coincidence with the Wildebeest migration in the Masaai Mara.They swim to safe waters of Kenya, Tanzania Mozambique and Somali to give birth and breed.
• Mida creek whereby you watch crabs, turtle, fish and plenty of birdlife
• Mwamba field study which is ideal for Birders, Entomologists, Herpetologist, Botanists, Researchers and anyone who needs a beach holiday.
• Watamu Turtle watch whereby you watch different species of turtles and a rehabilitation for the sick ones.
• Watamu bio ken snake firm whereby you watch different species of snakes and the largest spitting cobra is found here.

Accommodation is plenty and so you could spend quite some time exploring Watamu before proceeding to Malindi town. Here the attracting features include;
Malindi Marine National Park whereby you watch coral gardens and mammals like dolphins and whales, coral fish and turtles
• Vasco Da Gama pillar
• Lulgi Broglio space Centre which is an oceanic platform to launch satellite.
• Che Shale beach, where there is low tide and sea floor is clear thus
a perfect bay for kite surfing .
• Barefoot beach camp, where there is a fantastic beach.
• Robinson Island that gives a great experience of beach stay.

Tana River
Tana river is fascinating to explore to explore and it’s off main tourist circuit that intrepid traveler will love. Attractions include;
• Tana Delta-it’s a perfect tourist destination with a mix of pristine beaches, wildlife and community ranches. It’s one of the few places on Earth to see spectacular water birds in their sheer thousands and winter migrants that enjoy summer in Africa.
• Delta dunes- it’s a beautiful scenery and it gives 360 degree view of the ocean and the delta. It’s one of the 50 GREAT GREEN places to stay World Wide, that is Responsible Tourism Awards London Times. There are also white powdered beach thus rustic luxury. There are community conservancies like Ndera and Tana River Primate Reserve whereby you find mammals, bird life and primates.

Lamu Island
Its a set of sultry set of Islands on Kenya Indian Ocean and one explore these attracting sites;
• Lamu Museum, which boast galleries of civilization and also memorabilia of Socrates of Lamu.
• Lamu cultural festivals that are held in November and features activities like donkey racing on seafront, swimming competions,dhow races and more powerful jahazi race.
• Shela village on Lamu Island, it boast enormous sand dunes and great beach lacing the warm tropical ocean. There are also beautiful holiday homes and hotels. One can continue further for a sea safari up to the Somali border with a stop at Manda Island, Pate Island, and Ndau Island that has sparkling white beaches against the bluest of waters, then to a tiny village of Mkonkoni. The village is on dazzling white sand overlooking