Lake Victoria Safari

Lake Victoria Safari
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For a Kenyan safari with a difference, head west and experience the magnificent beauty of Lake Victoria.
With a surface area of just under 70 000 km², Lake Victoria not only dominates this part of East Africa but ranks as the second largest freshwater lake in the world

The giant lake borders three African countries Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, with half of the lake lying in Tanzania
Lake Victoria is home to some incredible birdlife, huge nesting colonies of egrets, cormorants and gannets, majestic fish eagles can also be regularly spotted. As with many other lakes there are also large population of crocodiles and hippos. Rubondo Island is 25,000 hectares of paradise in the south-western corner of the expansive Lake Victoria. It is the largest island national park on the continent and is all but untouched by man. One of the highlights of the island are the chimpanzees

Other attractions include:
Kisumu Museum– whereby you find a linguistic map of Kenya, an aquarium, a snake park and a Luo homestead.
Impala Sanctuary– which gives protection to remaining herds of Impala but there are other wildlife like lions, leopard, cheetah,giraffe,buffalo,zebra,rhino and different monkeys.
• Birding on Victoria-where you watch different types of birds.
• Mama Obama-most famous grandma and whereby you watch ancestral home of President Barrack Obama the 44th President of United States of America.

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