Mombasa Tour and Excursions

Mombasa Tour and Excursions

Mombasa City Tour
The tour presents some of the best highlights of this colorful old city. Discover the culture, origins and fun of Mombasa. This half-day city tour is part history and part shopping! Here you can explore Mombasa’s exotic markets for personal treasures. Then tour the city’s Arabic and Portuguese past and witness their present-day influence.
Tour Highlights:
Old town of Mombasa with Swahili and Arabic culture
Fort Jesus Museum – synonymous with the history of the East African Coast
• Food and spice market – a glimpse into the lives of the local people
Trademark Elephant tusks – the gateway to Mombasa
• Likoni Channel – Port entry into Kenya
• Akamba wood carving factory – local talents in arts
• Shopping, people and local culture

Mamba Village Afternoon Visit
Mamba Village hosts Africa’s largest Crocodile Farm. Your visit will coincide with feeding time at 5:00pm. This trip will also include the beautiful botanical in this area. Nature in all her glory with the assistance of man, presents breath-taking views. Great places to take pictures

Mombasa by Night & Dinner in the Castle
The enjoyment and romance begins when you are picked up from your hotel at the evening. The exciting itinerary begins with atmospheric Dhow Sundowner Cruise which offers an outstanding view of the Old Port from the water. After docking our guide will lead you on walk through the historic Old Town to the 400 year old fortress of Fort Jesus. Built by the Portuguese as a stronghold at the entrance to the harbour, the ancient fort is a stunning example of 16th century military architecture that has survived centuries of attack and conquest. Here you will be welcomed by Portuguese and Arab fire-bearers before witnessing a dazzling sound and light show that is followed by a sumptuous dinner served alfresco within the ramparts of the Fort for a truly unforgettable dining experience. After this memorable experience of lifetime, you will be taken back to your hotel.

Tamarind Evening Dhow
Spend the evening aboard a traditional Arab Dhow. Music, romance and fine food. As the dhow leisurely cruises in old Mombasa harbour past peaceful creeks flowing from the island you will dine on a sumptuous seafood meal. Later you can dance under the stars. As you cruise you can almost sense bygone time when life went at a much slower pace. Don’t miss this one; it is the gem in the crown of any safari.
For centuries there existed a thriving culture and society in East Africa. This society was a mix of Arab and native people’s cultures. Then people from Europe came into this part of the world and put their mark on it. For several centuries their influence only went a short distance inland from the settlements along the coast. During the 19th century (1800’s) the people from Europe came in force and pushed into the heart of Africa, and changed it forever. Ngomongo Cultural Center is a look back in time in miniature of tribal life and community groundings. Here you are able to get a glimpse of the lifestyle and cultures that existed for centuries before “civilization” came to Africa. Different traditional tribal huts are set up in this themed village, with peoples from the different tribes portraying their ancestors. Watch and even participate in different food preparation, its hard work, and no labor saving devices here. You are in for a surprise when you sample the local brews. Enjoy, marvel or participate in the various tribal dances, nothing to stop you from having a great time. Bring along your camera, for the photo opportunities are plentiful. The memories will last a lifetime

Haller Park
This is an afternoon trip, headed just outside of the city. Here is an example of how a wasteland and Bamburi stone quarry has been reclaimed and made an attraction. An abundance of wildlife and birds resides in and amongst the Casuarina trees. Here you will see eland, buffalo, crocodiles and many reptiles. Majestic crowned cranes inhabit the area, and add beauty and grace to the area. At the end of the trip you will visit the commercial aquaculture in the area. Now that should be something to see and learn.

Wasini Island (Dolphin Dhow)
Welcome to a day ultimate pleasure in the richest marine park in the Kenya Coast. In the early morning depart (at 6.00 am) for the tranquil fishing village of Shimoni close to the Tanzanian border. The scenic route takes you to through lush coconut and cashew nuts plantation and colourful villages of the Digo people.
At Shimoni, jetty boards at authentic motorized Lamu Dhow, which cruise and sail you through and enriching seascapes of islands to the underwater splendor of the Kisite Marine Park. Here snorkellers will marvel at the incredible variety of marine life in the shallow and warm waters around Kisite Island, for the numerous birds.
Divers will explore a number of excellent dive sites.